Année : 2015
Format : 2,35:1 (Cinemascope) - Couleur
Langue : Française
Durée : 10"55
Genre : Fiction
Producteur(s) : Willfried FÉDIDA, Rafael MORAES
Producteur délégué : Gerardo SHAPA
Scénario : Rafael MORAES
Réalisation : Rafael MORAES

Avec : Marianne SOUMOY, Rodrigo PENALOSA, Cesar DUMINIL avec Jean-Paul GUIGUE, Virginie CARRILLO

Direction de la photographie : Jackson PARELL
Décoration : Stéphanie BARIOU
Assistante réalisatrice : Maya LOUHICHI
Preneur de son : Sylvain MERIENNE
Maquillage : Estelle LEFRANC

Régie : Samba THIAM

Montage : Rafael MORAES
Bruitage : White Light Audio
Montage son / fx / mix : Eric JOURGENSEN

Bande originale : Vasco CESARETTI

Synopsis : A 60-year-old high-class French woman is waiting through the final hours of her husband’s live as she starts to feel the strange breath of a new life when her son’s friend pays an unexpected visit.

The idea of making a series of short films is the one of exploration. In features a filmmaker is sometimes bound to dramatic storyline, character development, place or even time through the duration. When you start to break down the “experience” of a feature film into segments one can find more freedom to observe details, cater and cherish smaller but no less significant events and emotions. And on assembling a certain number of “smaller experiences” create a mosaic that has an emotional and thematic resonance.

The theme of these specific series is the idea of feelings “Lost”. It’s a recurring sentiment in anyone’s life; it usually build up for years; blossoming into full effect on a single event or day. Men and Women alike experience it; independent of age and background; and the series is looking into dramatizing such experiences by following individual characters who are more or less successful in dealing with such changes.

The format is of six films. Three short films about women, three about men. From younger to old age. Taking place in the United States, Asia; passing by Europe and South America. One of the six takes place in the foundation of our modern society ‐the USA in the 20’s and the appearance of feminist principals. Another in a near future ‐Shangai in 2030, and the idea of what being a man is in a post‐modern world.

Genevieve, the second one, takes place in France and looks at change that comes later in life, for someone with a established path and trajectory already set. The lead female character after whom the film is titled has to face the death of her husband and the beginning of a new life.

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